Personal Carer Atsuko Inada


This week for our regular People of Arcare series celebrating the wonderful 5-star team members in the Arcare community, we talk to award winning Atsuko Inada (Azy) who was recently crowned an ‘Aged Care Angel’ in a competition out of 500 nominations. We gain an insight on Azy’s motivations, thoughts about working at Arcare and what she does outside of work.

What is your name and role?

My name is Astuko Inada (Azy) and I am a Personal Carer & Physio Aid Assistant. Also, sometimes I work as a Lifestyle assistant too.

What Arcare residence do you work at and how long have you worked there?

I work at Arcare North Lakes and have been working there for over 12 years ( since 2009 July).

What do you love about working at Arcare?

I feel privileged to be involved in this part of someone’s life.

What is a memorable moment or story you recall working at your residence with either a resident or a team member?

When I work in the units I talk to the residents, sing, dance, laugh together and see the resident’s smile – it truly makes me happy.

When I started working Arcare, I was pregnant. I appreciated the fact that Arcare hired me and everyone actually cared about me and my pregnancy – including management, care staff and residents. I worked only 3 months before giving birth and they even organised me a surprise baby shower. I didn’t have family in Australia, except  my husband at that time and we had just moved. I felt so appreciated and impressed by how Arcare supported me.

What pearls of wisdom or words of encouragement do you live by?

Be happy. If I want to make someone smile, I have to enjoy life and be happy.

Be positive. If something bad happens or a mistake has been made, it means I can learn from that experience.

Be thankful. I am thankful to be alive, for family, friends, my neighbours, colleagues, work, and having food and a home to sleep in. I am even thankful to the sun and the rain!

Karma. Do to others what you would like to receive yourself.

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

I usually go to the gym and beach three times a week. It keeps enhance my good health and reduce any day to day stress I might have.